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Why Leave Stalk Leaves When Eating Vegetables

The benefits of vegetables are often explained in these pages, so to speak today, not to mention their stalks and leaves, whether they are also food. In fact, they contain minerals and vitamins, which you count as useless. Cut, wash, and cook them along with the same vegetables and value them. Of these super foods, because they are also amazingly delicious. Vegetarianism thus reflects a healthier lifestyle and a better lifestyle, because when we get food from plant sources. So animals are protected from the harmful effects of protein. Many fruits and vegetables contain a small number of calories. Similarly, saturated fat is significantly lower than animal protein.


The priceless treasure of health, Vitamins can be obtained through diet to boost the body’s immune system.

Vitamin A- and beta-carotene:

It is a powerful antioxidant found in carrots, green leafy vegetables, peppers, sugar, salads, tomatoes, apricots, and mangoes as well as eggs. Essential for the overall health of vision, skin, and our internal organs. Eggs are the most important source of this vitamin in dairy products.

Do you know?

Like many other vegetables, carrots are a vegetable that can be eaten raw or cooked. People think that raw carrots are more useful, they do not reduce their nutritional value even after ripening.

Vitamin B-

There are 8 types of vitamins in this type, from B1 to B12 are found in a series of nutrition and health. These vitamins are found in cereals, fruits, yeast foods, mushrooms, bananas, peas, green leafy vegetables, especially spinach, avocados, and eggs in dairy products.

Turnip Leaves:

Vision weakens with increasing age. But if you think that there is no dietary solution, then you are wrong. If cooked with turnip leaves, it will be safe from cataracts in the eyes, but the risk can be reduced by 30%. Whether you cook or send turnips with meat, be sure to include the leaves.

Radish Leaves:

The crispy leaves of radish definitely taste a bit spicy. But they contain six times more vitamin C than radishes. In addition, they are natural deoxy fires. Eating them can protect against breast cancer. They are also helpful in eliminating leukemia. So whenever you make radish stew or salad leaves, be sure to add.

Cauliflower Leaves:

It retains the protective layer and sheath of the cabbage. In the same way, children who eat it live with a deadly disease like cancer. Because of their dark green color, they contain enzymes that cleanse the liver. Eliminates waste products from the body. Eating cabbage leaves helps reduce the risk of breast, cholera, and small intestine cancers.

Make curries, make salads, add finely chopped stalks to soups or just finely chop the leaves in an omelet. It will be beneficial in every way. If you have chickens in the house, you can feed them and check their excellent health yourself.

Beetroot Leaves and Stalks:

Beetroot stalks and stalks contain more calcium than a glass of milk. If milk is not digested and is never available, then calcium can be obtained from this vegetable. Beetroot leaves taste like spinach and are extremely low in calories. Therefore, whenever you cook beets, do not separate their leaves.

Carrot Leaves:

Carrots are usually sold without leaves, but if you tell a vegetable grower, he will bring leafy carrots from the market. Because these leaves store six times more vitamin C- and potassium than protein, minerals, and carrots, it makes it easier for your body to excrete unnecessary water.

Blood pressure is also moderate, and blood does not thicken, nor does it become puffy. Add carrots to leaves in salads or make carrot stew or use as a curry in meat is useful in every way.

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