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What is the recovery time for the coronavirus disease?

Human immunity depends on the following five things.

  • White Blood Cells
  1. Nisa
  2. Sita
  3. Santa’s
  4. Kyota

All five viruses are found in the United States. There are one or two in the rest of the world. The only one in China is Corona. It developed and spread rapidly. From there he came to Iran and from there he came to Italy. He came to Pakistan from Iran.

From Italy to Europe and from the United Kingdom to the United States.

Its lifespan is a maximum of two hours and a minimum of two hours. It can stay on metal for up to two hours, and it can stay on cotton for up to two days. If it is present in a place and touches it, it will be transferred to the hands. When the hand touches the nose, it will immediately go through the nose into the lungs and affect the lungs.

At the same time the person will start having difficulty breathing, may have a high fever.


If someone has a high fever, a new type of persistent cough, or a bad taste in the mouth, or has lost the ability to breathe, you may have the corona virus.


It is an addictive disease, and can spread from one person to another very quickly.

Every man and woman must wear a mask when leaving the house. Efforts should be made not to leave the house without doing necessary work. When you touch something, you should apply a disinfectant which is commonly called a sanitizer. Don’t shake hands with anyone, don’t hug. Keep a distance of six feet from each other. People under the age of fifteen and over the age of fifty should not go to mosques for prayers. Do not lay carpets or mats in mosques.


If any symptoms appear. You should choose to be alone at home. If possible, separate the bathroom, separate the room, separate the food and drink, separate the towel, separate the bathroom if it is not possible, then when he goes to the bathroom, on the way back here his body No part has been taken. Water should be drained, nose should be cleaned and hands should be washed immediately with soap. So that other people in the house can be safe.

When cleaning your nose, use a handkerchief or tissue paper. Used tissue should be separated from the rest of the equipment.

Those who have had symptoms should be separated for at least seven days, and those who are with them should be separated for fourteen days. Because it takes fourteen days for the symptoms to appear.

Corona and immunity

According to medical experts, the human immune system is not immediately better than any particular medicine or coffee. Rather, it leads to a healthier lifestyle. Therefore, it is very important to know about the body’s immune system first. The body’s immune system protects you from various diseases, harmful bacteria and viruses in the same way that a country’s protective body protects a country from internal and external threats.

Human immunity depends on the following five things.

1- White Blood Cells


3- Bone Marrow


5- Spleen

Whenever a virus enters the body, white blood cells first try to kill it. If the virus cannot be eliminated from the white blood cells, then the body makes antibodies against the virus. So that the virus does not harm the body for a long time.

If we talk about corona virus, we have to improve our white blood cells and our health so much that if someone gets infected with it. So our body can easily recover easily by living in solitude due to its best immunity.

Protein plays an important role in the development of white blood cells.

So make sure you include adequate amounts of protein in your daily diet. Pulses, such as plant-derived proteins, improve our immune system by improving our bone marrow. Pulses contain more iron, fiber, antioxidants and minerals that are beneficial to the body than meat.

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