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Protection against Infections and Infectious Diseases

Considering the origin and spread of epidemic diseases, it is clear that material evolution has created many problems as well as facilities. Experts are beginning to control one disease that another disease comes in the form of catastrophe. All advances in the world may be possible on the basis of science, but keep in mind that every development will be “reversed” without harmonizing science and nature.

The best creation of the universe is the man. The observance of natural principles is essential for the survival of human beings. Physicians have known since ancient times that most diseases are caused by a cold and dryness in the mood. That is why the elderly get sick so quickly. Cold and dryness usually begin to prevail in the human body after forty years.

It has also been proven by modern medical science. Modern medical science believes that a lack of oxygen supply to the body or an adequate supply of oxygen to the cells causes the cells to die, and the immune system to weaken. The biggest reason for weakening the immune system is the lack of oxygen in our blood. In the following lines, we will focus on the supply of the required amount of oxygen in the body and accessories to increase immunity.

For a healthy life and a strong immune system, never let constipation get you down. Regular bathing keeps the pores of the body open, providing fresh oxygen to the body cells. Periodic hand washing is the best protection against corona.

Foods that boost immunity

Date fruit:

The date palm, especially the ajwa date, is the best natural source for boosting the human body’s immune system. According to the Prophetic Medicine, poison does not affect those who use regular ajwa dates. The virus also literally means poison. Eating three to five or seven dates a day is also a source of natural protection against all kinds of toxic diseases.


The healing properties of the essential oils have long been known in ancient times. Daily use of honey in the morning and in the evening is a natural way to boost the body’s immune system.


Black seed, commonly known as “Kalonji”. Kalonji removes dryness and cold from the body and activates the body. The movement of the immune system is proof of the strength of the immune system. Eating one to three grams of Kalonji mixed with honey as per one’s capacity also strengthens the human body’s defense against diseases.


Olive fruit and oil are the best way to boost the body’s immune system. The availability of olive fruit is usually not easy, so there are many benefits to eating olive oil mixed with honey. Olive oil can also be used with milk, curry, or any beverage.

Almond oil:

Almond oil is rich in millions and vitamins. Its use not only boosts the immune system, but it is also useful in removing mucus from the lungs and relieving constipation. Two to four tablespoons of almond oil can be used with milk or simply.

Daily diet:

The use of bananas in the daily diet, figs in dried fruits and almond kernels give good results. Drink sour fruit juices like a canoe, seasonal, etc. Cucumbers, radishes, and carrots are also best used in salads.


Drinking apple cider vinegar mixed with water also strengthens the body’s immune system. It is also useful to add pepper and black salt powder to the fruit juice according to taste.


On epidemic days, light, simple, easily digestible but nutritious food should be eaten. Meat, cola drinks, ice, ice cream, bakery products, fats, sweets, poultry, and slow-digesting foods should be avoided.

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