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Peanuts Are a Special Winter Gift


The winter season is healthy. All the organs of the body become aligned against the cold in the external environment. The gastrointestinal and liver processes accelerate and appetite flares up. The body craves exercise, people who understand these signs of nature, eat the right, nutritious and warm food and absorb oxygen in the blood by speeding up the blood circulation through exercise. They enjoy and benefit from this season.

Importance of Nuts:

In this season, the body needs nutrients that make meat and produce blood and heat in the body. Nuts are very important in foods that provide heat and energy to the body. Among them, almonds, pistachios, chickpeas, walnuts, and cashews are considered very important, but nature has also given us a cheap oily seed (nut) in the form of peanuts like cheap fresh fruits.

With the onset of winter, the wheels and carts become hot and the aroma of peanuts roasted in hot sand (sand) begins to provoke them to eat. Peanuts are called “groundnut” in English. It is called “Bohi Mug” in Sindhi. Some people also call it Chinese or Chinese Almond, especially in Dhaka it is known by the same name.

Types Of Peanuts:

There are many types of peanuts. Some grains are large and some are small. The upper bark of the grain is also dark red or light in color. Many new varieties have been developed through agricultural research. The aim is to get more edible oil from it by increasing the yield per acre. This oil is widely used in the manufacture of artificial ghee in India. In addition, its oil is also eaten. It is considered a good substitute for olive oil.

Peanuts contain 23% protein, 53% starch (carbohydrates), and 12% fat. The benefits are no less than peanuts, cashews, and walnuts. Roasting it enhances the flavor. Peanuts also contain calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin B.


Eating peanuts in winters provides good nutrition to the body, the body is energetic and the body responds well to winters by generating heat in it. Some people have trouble eating it in their throat, they should fry it and eat it. Also, frying its seeds with salt does not cause a sore throat. Peanuts are eaten in different ways or added to the diet.

Uses of Peanuts:

Its sauce is also very tasty. Peel a squash, grate it and grate it in a grinder. Peel a squash, grate it and crush it. Pepper, salt, and cumin. This sauce makes for a great fun with hot bread. In addition to being a tasty curry, it also provides the body with the calories it needs and other nutrients. If you want, add green chilli, coriander, and lemon juice to it and increase its usefulness.

Grind peanuts and fry them in oil over low heat and add chili spices to make them very crispy. Finely grind the roasted grains with a little water and mix it in the meat curry to make the soup thicker and more tasty.

Roasted Peanuts:

In the same way, roasted and peeled grains are mixed in a thick consistency of gar and when it cools down, it is cut into triangles. It is also a big tasty dessert. Which everyone eats with great enthusiasm. Adding roasted sesame seeds and skulls to it during freezing makes it a very nutritious, delicious, and hearty sweet. Some people also mix a little cocoa powder or Oval tine in it, so in addition to the taste, it also creates a great aroma.


Some people mix peanuts in fenugreek greens and eat them with bread after frying for a while. In this way, the efficiency of fenugreek increases, the body gets protein and pleasure as well as strengthens the body and health. Take advantage of this gift of nature in these winters. Remember, it is very tasty, so eat it in moderation like all other delicacies.

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