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Eat And Stay Healthy And Smart

Seemingly strange to hear, because this thing is not possible with everyone. There are very few people who eat and are thin. That’s what they do. Of course, you would like to do the same, so that you can stay slim without any effort. For this, you have to make some rules a part of your life, which for some time you will find difficult, later they will become a part of your life.

When satisfied, stop eating:

Filling the stomach is one thing, and being satisfied is another. When you feel full, you start feeling restless, drowsy, and dissatisfied. But consolation means that your appetite is gone. The purpose of food is to satisfy hunger, not to fill the stomach.

Understand body language:

A normal person neither avoids fat nor dieting. Rather, he understands his body language, which prevents him from gaining weight. If only eaten, the result will be fat. The right thing to do is to understand your body language and make it a habit to meditate when the body signals. That way you can keep yourself normal.

Eat when you are hungry:

Most people just eat and keep eating. So they don’t know if they are hungry or not. Therefore, eat only when you fully realize that you have forgotten, and when you feel hungry, peel. Then don’t wait for no reason, but eat as soon as you feel hungry.


If you are suffering from anxiety, tension, do not eat at this time. It will also affect the stomach and you will have the wrong skin. When emotions prevail, it diverts you from the food you need. So it is better to eat after watching the mood.

Focus on food:

Pay attention to food while eating. Don’t eat while working. Because in this way both the attention will be focused on the work. So even if you eat more, you will realize that you have eaten less.

Like if you eat while watching TV, you will not realize how much you have eaten. We will focus only on food, not just enjoy the food. It will also make you realize how much you have eaten.


What kind of food did you eat, it tasted good, it was bad, you ate more, and you ate less. It is the body that makes it feel. If there is burning, gas, etc. after eating, it is also felt immediately. So body signals give us a sense of calm, restlessness, good and bad deeds, and based on these feelings, we can understand our body language. That is, you can understand the Wants of your body. In other words, if we begin to understand certain signals, we can keep ourselves fairly slim and smart. That is, understand this sign of the body, that whatever it is insisting on eating. If it is tasty, eat it. Don’t put everything in your mouth.

  • Understand that if you have peace of mind, you have eaten right.
  • Understand the demands of the body, eat only what it points to.

If you follow all these things, not only can you save yourself from trouble, but you can understand your own body language. And in return, you will get Ring Results and you will get Smart Body.

A Few Health Point:

  • Stop eating when there is little appetite left.
  • If you feel hungry between meals, eat something light, such as fresh fruit and a salad.
  • Eating dates increases your blood count.
  • Eating fruit is healthier than drinking fruit juice.
  • Be mentally happy and relaxed while eating.
  • This way you will be able to digest your food better.
  • Avoid refined flour. Instead, use milled flour, which is rich in fiber.
  • Unpolished brown rice is healthier than white rice.
  • Remember sugar is just a source of calories.
  • Include sprouts in your diet. They are full of protein.
  • The fiber found in pulses, seeds, and oats lowers cholesterol.
  • Overeating loses important nutrients.
  • Fruits, salads, and 8 to 10 glasses of water daily is a perfect food for perfect skin.

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