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Avoid Dehydration


(Excessive excretion of water from the body, which leads to excessive dehydration of the body) It affects us. Dehydration leads to lethargy, numbness, and fatigue.

Hydration is a critical component of life in itself, and losing just one or two percent of our body weight in water can also impair our performance. Both types of performance, both mental and physical, have been studied. Various studies have shown that if the amount of water is reduced by 7%, it disturbs our delicate internal balance, resulting in fullness. The body collapses, and the limbs respond.

On average, an adult male needs 12 cups of fluid per day, while a woman needs 9 cups, as do people who exercise regularly or live in unfavorable hot environments. They should increase their water intake. Ideally, 10 glasses of water a day provide adequate water to the body. Staying fully hydrated, i.e. keeping the required amount of water in the body, also maintains the body’s electrolyte balance.

What Is Meant By Hydration Hell?

Yet, surprisingly, more and more studies are suggesting that many of us are living in our own “hydration hell,” and therefore putting food at risk of dehydration. Here are some tips to help you avoid dehydration. You can easily analyze the amount of water present in the body. For this, you will need to check your urine. If the color of the urine is dark golden, it is a sure sign that the amount of water in the body is low. So drink plenty of water, especially when exercising, so that the urine is almost clear and colorless.

How Much Water Your Body Need

Making water an integral part of your life is tantamount to promoting a good healthy habit. Hydration is an ongoing process. Therefore, one should not be satisfied only with thirst, that when one is very thirsty, one should drink water. This way, it is possible that you will only get 50 to 70 percent of the water you need.

The amount of water in the body also depends on body weight. The 150-pound individual sweats heavily when exercising, and loses 3 pounds. So he loses 2% of his body weight, and that’s more than enough, which has an adverse effect on the physical and conscious processes.

Health researchers often recommend that we drink at least 1 to 2 cups of fluids, preferably water, and 1/2 cup or more for 15 to 20 minutes of exercise. The importance of water in our body can be tested by the fact that the human body makes up 92% of the blood, 75% of the brain, 75% of the muscles, and 72% of the bones.

Interestingly, Nature Has Also Provided Abundant Water

More than 70% of the earth’s surface is underwater (most of which is unsalted drinking water), indicating that water is one of the most common substances in the world. Yet many of us are unaware of its importance. Rapidly growing population and a massive increase in urban population is attracting people to safe drinking water. The majority of people are turning to bottled water over the water supplied by municipalities in the country.

The demand for mineral water has skyrocketed. Many big companies also jump into the fray to make mineral water in this tug of war. People are not aware that 2.5% to 40% of the water available in bottled water comes from the same source, namely tap water.

What’s inside the bottle can’t be safer than ordinary public drinking water.

The fact is that mineral water is expensive, and the average person cannot afford to use it regularly, which is of the utmost importance in this. That is, we drink the right amount of water to stay oily, active, and strong. There are no set rules for healthy hydration. Drinking water in a normal routine and drinking a certain amount of water reduces the chances of dehydration.

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