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Do smart work, not hard work, we often hear this from experts? Now, what does it mean, be it smart or hard work? Smart work doesn’t mean you have to work too hard. It’s simply meant to get things done. Now to be smart, that is, for smart work, we …

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Is phobia the same as anxiety?

Introduction: Panic is a common human feeling. We all experience this when we are going through a difficult or difficult time. Fear and anxiety can usually be helpful in avoiding dangers, being alert, and facing problems. However, if these feelings become intense or last for a long time, they can …

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What Is Meant By Barodontalgia Disease

Barodontalgia is commonly referred to as a state of teething and pain, often caused by a change in ambient air pressure. This pain is usually felt above or below the ground level and disappears on the ground level. Changes in barometric pressure during this condition can cause damage to the …

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Avoid Dehydration

Dehydration: (Excessive excretion of water from the body, which leads to excessive dehydration of the body) It affects us. Dehydration leads to lethargy, numbness, and fatigue. Hydration is a critical component of life in itself, and losing just one or two percent of our body weight in water can also …

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Why Leave Stalk Leaves When Eating Vegetables

The benefits of vegetables are often explained in these pages, so to speak today, not to mention their stalks and leaves, whether they are also food. In fact, they contain minerals and vitamins, which you count as useless. Cut, wash, and cook them along with the same vegetables and value …

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Eat And Stay Healthy And Smart

Seemingly strange to hear, because this thing is not possible with everyone. There are very few people who eat and are thin. That’s what they do. Of course, you would like to do the same, so that you can stay slim without any effort. For this, you have to make …

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