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Peanuts Are a Special Winter Gift

Introduction: The winter season is healthy. All the organs of the body become aligned against the cold in the external environment. The gastrointestinal and liver processes accelerate and appetite flares up. The body craves exercise, people who understand these signs of nature, eat the right, nutritious and warm food and …

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Eat Cashews to Strengthen Bones

Introduction Happy-tasting cashews are useful in relieving stress. An important ingredient found in cashews is tryptophan, which naturally has the ability to keep the human mood pleasant. According to health experts, tryptophan reduces stress and eliminates sleep disturbances and is also said to be beneficial in the better development of …

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What Happens if You Eat Oranges

Introduction: In the winter, fragrant and delicious sweet and sour oranges are eagerly awaited all over the world. Nature has not only filled the orange with delicious flavors, but it is also used to treat a number of ailments due to its innumerable nutrients. It is rich in nutrients. This …

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The Importance of Animal Proteins in the Human Diet

Introduction: Animal-derived foods such as milk and its products, meat, fish, poultry and eggs play the most important role in the human diet, providing them with high levels of protein. Proteins not only provide the essential amino acids that make up our body’s cells. Rather, they are important in the …

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The Benefits of Fruit Guava

Introduction: One fruits are delicious but they have no aroma or very little which makes these fruits feel incomplete. Guava also has a wonderful aroma and pleasant taste. Goes. Fruit licking is considered incomplete without guava. In terms of vitamin C, the only amla can compete with guava. Not only …

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